Outstanding Real Estate Agent

I found a “prize” when Terry Ouellette returned my call regarding property he had recently listed. It didn’t take long to realize that Terry was anxious to “help” and not push me into finding a home for my daughter; and help he did! We were interested in a house that seemed to be a perfect fit for my daughter. Terry “walked” the property and appraised its condition.

Terry is also an appraiser. He noticed a crack in the foundation; there had been no mention of any cracks in the current listing. Terry took the initiative and contacted the previous listing agent. He was able to obtain a land survey report that showed “spider-web” cracks on the entire slab. Repairs had been made, but, the cracks continued. This was certainly not property that we wanted to buy! Had Terry not “gone the extra mile”, we would have ended up with a horrific mess!

Terry had endless energy helping my daughter and I find just the right match. We wanted a specific area; but that never seemed to be a problem for him. He found houses from so many sources, and he was always ready to ”drop and go” when a potential property became available. In fact, the house that we ended up purchasing through Terry hadn’t even been listed yet. Terry had talked to the listing agent several days before the actual scheduled listing date and arranged for us to look at the property. We were able to make the first offer on the house.

Once our paperwork started, our loan process turned into a nightmare! Our lender was far from efficient and several problems developed. It became such a stressful time. Terry, once again, stepped in to buffer the issues and helped us get the loan papers properly prepared. He went way beyond his “job description”!

The bottom line, Terry Ouellette is a “Full-Service” Agent. He is a caring person who wants his clients to be happy. He goes out of his way to help his clients and is so conscientious in the process. I would highly recommend him to any of my family or friends, and, I don’t give those recommendations lightly! Terry is a great guy, very pleasant to be around and an outstanding real estate agent!

Paula Yarmon