Beyond Pleased!

I have purchased and sold 19 homes myself before meeting Terry Ouellette. I met Terry through my parents who were looking to relocate from Texas to San Diego. Since I had so much experience with what to look for in purchasing a home, they asked me to ride along with Terry and view homes for them prior to coming to San Diego to save some leg work. So I did. I have worked with many different realtors from different states with my own transactions. Terry is absolutely ranked at the top with Incredible Real Estate Agents to work with. Terry is outgoing, hardworking, strives to be the best realtor on Every transaction, not just big commission clients. Terry wasn’t going to make that large of a commission from my parents due to a low budget they were working with and the high market prices in San Diego. Terry was on the phone, on the computer, driving an hour to and from to check out homes for them. This agent is persistent in finding a good deal and checking off the clients “wants and needs” list. After spending many days and hours with Terry, I was amazed at how much he was willing to go above and beyond for such a small commission and it was a pleasant surprise! I feel the need to tell you other experiences I have had with previous realtors for you to compare the quality of service received from Terry.

I have had realtors that won’t even show up for a “showing” and have just told the other realtor where a key is hidden and help themselves into my home, when I still lived there. I even confirmed with the realtor prior to signing a contract with them, that, that exact thing would not be appropriate in my home if they wanted to be my realtor. Well it happened anyway. In addition I have had realtors that have not done follow ups with showings, lack of advertisements, only sending assistants to show my home because they were too busy every single time a showing was scheduled. Assistants are great, but when does the realtor kick in with his sales experience to a potential buyer? I have experienced a realtor that didn’t disclose a defect in the home that they knew about prior to listing and nothing was disclosed. So basically what I am saying is, ” I think I personally have endured some wonderful realtors and not so wonderful, so I feel that my opinion is one of honesty and experienced.

Since meeting Terry and going through the transaction process with my parents finding a beautiful home for them, they were beyond “Pleased” with Terry’s performance. I too was pleasantly surprised by his energy to get a quality job done, be more than just a client, but a friend he is helping to find either an investment or a forever home. So, I decided to hire Terry as my own realtor! Since meeting Terry over a year and a half ago, he has successfully completed 3 transactions for me in buying and selling real estate. He really listens, has a great sense of humor (we all need to be around that In a stressful real estate market), his work ethics are 5star ratings all the way. I have never had a realtor be in contact with me so often to make sure we are both accomplishing our task at hand. I apologize this testimonial is so long, but when it comes to quality service, quality people, quality experiences, I know as a buyer and seller of real estate it’s nice to know others experience prior to hiring a realtor.

I know that when the time comes, and it will, we will be working together again, as it is and was an honor to meet Terry Ouellette.

Thanks, Brenda K. Metcalfe