He is a Pitt Bull working on the search for your dream home…

Hello my name is Frank Torres, in August 2012 my wife (Chela) and I had decided for the first time to purchase a home.  To our surprise buying a house was not even close to the same as buying a car, which I happen to be very good at.  Buying a home was a big eye opener, both my wife and I had no clue on how much of a challenge it would be until Terry Ouellette came in to our life and we hired him as o ur realtor.  This was after we had fired two other realtors which did not hold our hand and show us how the process of buying a home worked.  Terry was and had the patients of a saint with both Chela and I.

If you were to ask any realtor, who are your most challenging customers? Just about every time the answer will be; first time home buyer, and let me tell you we made Terry earn every penny on this sale.  Terry will work very hard (weekends & nights) on getting you the home of your dreams.  In the process of buying a home there will be disappointments, however Terry will always be on your side and will not allow you to be discourage and putting you back on a positive track.

He is a Pitt Bull working on the search for your dream home, always encouraging and educating you on the process of home buying.  If you are looking to purchase a home Terry is your realtor you will learn to respect and love him he is a good man and is fantastic at his job.

Frank Torres