I will be forever grateful for all the hard work and effort…

I recently sold an investment house that I had built in the northeastern section of San Diego, near the Barona Indian reservation. During the building process which included an artesian well, septic tank, huge generator for power, 10,000 gallon water storage tank, a main house, a detached garage with granny flat above and many challenging moments the least of which was dealing with San Diego County. After much frustration and time I was ready to hire an appraiser to value this beautiful rural house built on three acres with stunning views. Little did I know the real challenge was going to be in finding a buyer.

That is where Terry Ouellette, Appraiser/realtor stepped into my life. The appraisal was a challenge in itself in the fact it was a unique property. Much research went into evaluating the value and at the end Terry came up with a fair and equitable appraisal. At the time I did not realize Terry was a realtor; I was so impressed with his knowledge, integrity and professionalism during the appraisal that when he told me he was also a realtor, I hired him immediately to sell my house. During this one year process I did not regret my decision. The fact that this property was totally off the grid made for a slimmer market, you had to like rural living. Terry established some excellent guidelines to sell the house. We had many people view the house.  The house actually went into escrow five times during this year long pursuit of a buyer. Terry became an expert on rural properties, he researched and absorbed everything. I had realtors tell me they have never been given so much information regarding a property and believe me, this property, with its well, septic tank, generator, lack of not having a solar system were amongst many issues with this House. Terry wanted to make sure the realtor and buyer were fully aware of the assets and or negatives of this property. Terry persisted with bulldog determination to sell this property. Through cancellation of escrow due to severe illness, a navy pilot being reassigned, etc, etc. Each buyer said this was their dream home. Terry and I went through disappointment after disappointment, yet Terry kept such a positive attitude even though he had so many obstacles to overcome. One being a stressful economy and people were looking for bargain prices brought on by the foreclosure market.

I lived two hours away and was not able to oversee the property as much as I should have. Terry would always assure me rain or shine he would check on the house and clean if necessary. Terry was tireless, always had a smile. He would always call me to talk over different strategies to sell the house. Finally after many months a couple in their 60s who had dropped out of a previous escrow due to the wife being diagnosed with macular degeneration called Terry asking if house was still on market. The house had just fallen out of escrow for the fourth time. She had been misdiagnosed and they wanted to buy the house for cash and a week escrow. Terry made it all come together coordinating with escrow actually driving two hours for me to sign paperwork. He brought it all together and escrow closed in seven days that included a three day weekend. Remarkable!

I will be forever grateful for all the hard work and effort that Terry put in to sell t his property he definitely exceeded my expectations. I have worked with realtors in the past none have come close to the hard work and diligence that he demonstrated. If you are ever in need of a highly qualified appraisal/ realtor I highly recommend Terry Ouellette you will not be disappointed.  
Thank-you Terry, I consider you a friend. I will never forget all your efforts in selling this one of a kind house. It was definitely a challenge.

Bill Crawford